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Release a new version

This is a small guide to make a new MedCo release.

Before releasing

Update dependencies

Glowing Bear MedCo

  • Update the Angular version and ensure node version in docker image is compatible with angular
  • NPM packages: npm update and review with npm outdated
    • keycloak-js: has to be the same version as Keycloak (set in a Dockerfile in medco-deployment)
    • typescript: has to be compatible with the angular version used


  • Dockerfile go base image version: FROM golang:1.15
  • go.mod go version: go 1.15
  • Go modules (pay particular attention to onet): go get -u ./... and go mod tidy

Perform tests

  • Check that all the CI/CD pipeline on GitHub passes (this tests the whole backend with the profile dev-local-3nodes)
  • Deploy locally test-local-3nodes to manually test Glowing Bear MedCo
  • Deploy locally on several machines test-network to manually test the deployment over several machines, and the generation of its configuration
To change the version of the docker images used, update the .env file in the deployment folder:

Making a release

Manual updates

  • Update the version of Glowing Bear MedCo GB_VERSION in the Makefile to point to the correct Docker tag that will be released (e.g. v1.0.0)

Release on GitHub

Version numbers follow semantic versioning, and both codebases should have the same version. For both codebases:
  • Out of the dev branch, create a new release (and the associated tag) with the semantic version (e.g. v1.0.0)
  • Ensure the CI/CD pipeline correctly builds the new release

Update documentation

In GitBook

  • Create new variant named like the MedCo version being release (e.g. v1.0.0). When merged it will be pushed as a branch on GitHub.
  • Add new entry on Releases page.
  • Update version numbers in the guides' download scripts (e.g. docker-compose pull).
  • Review the documentation to ensure the guides are up-to-date. Notably the deployment and loading guides.
  • Make the documentation variant be the new main variant on GitBook.
  • On GitHub, set the branch corresponding to the new version be the new default branch.

After the release

  • Ensure on GitHub that all images have been built correctly with the proper versioning.
  • Update to the new version the live demo on
  • Update website with the new version and update the roadmap.
  • Communication about the new release (Twitter notably).