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It is important to choose strong unique passwords before a deployment, even more so if it contains real data or if it is exposed to the internet.

Passwords Configuration

In each compose profile you will find a .env file containing configuration options. Among them are the passwords to be set. Note that most of those passwords configured that way will only work on a fresh database. Example:

PostgreSQL administration user

POSTGRES_PASSWORD configures the password for the postgres administration user of the PostgreSQL database.

PgAdmin user

PGADMIN_PASSWORD configures the password for the admin user of the PgAdmin web interface. Note that it is necessary to set it only if your deployment profile deploys this tool.

Keycloak administration user

KEYCLOAK_PASSWORD configures the password for the keycloak administration user of the default master realm of Keycloak.
As of v1.0.0, the provisioning of the configuration of Keycloak has changed and this setting is not effective. After the initial deployment, you must login to the administration interface with the default password (keycloak) and change it.

I2b2 Wildfly administration user

I2B2_WILDFLY_PASSWORD configures the password for the admin user of the wildfly instance hosting i2b2.

I2b2 service user

I2B2_SERVICE_PASSWORD configures the password for the AGG_SERVICE_ACCOUNT user of i2b2, used to operate background automated tasks by the i2b2 services.

I2b2 default user

I2B2_USER_PASSWORD configures the password for the default i2b2 and demo users used by MedCo.