v1 (I2B2 Demodata)

The v1 loader expects an already existing i2b2 database (in .csv format) that will be converted in a way that is compliant with the MedCo data model. This involves encrypting and deterministically tagging some of the data.
List of input (‘original’) files:
  • all i2b2metadata files (e.g. i2b2.csv)
  • dummy_to_patient.csv
  • patient_dimension.csv
  • visit_dimension.csv
  • concept_dimension.csv
  • modifier_dimension.csv
  • observation_fact.csv
  • table_access.csv

How to use

Ensure you have downloaded the data before proceeding to the loading.
The following examples show you how to load data into a running MedCo deployment. Adapt accordingly the commands your use-case.


Loading the three nodes on the dev-local-3nodes profile

export MEDCO_SETUP_DIR=~/medco \
docker-compose -f run medco-loader-srv0 v1 \
--sen /data/i2b2/sensitive.txt \
--files /data/i2b2/files.toml
docker-compose -f run medco-loader-srv1 v1 \
--sen /data/i2b2/sensitive.txt \
--files /data/i2b2/files.toml
docker-compose -f run medco-loader-srv2 v1 \
--sen /data/i2b2/sensitive.txt \
--files /data/i2b2/files.toml

Loading one node on a network-test profile

export MEDCO_SETUP_DIR=~/medco \
docker-compose -f run medco-loader v1 \
--sen /data/i2b2/sensitive.txt \
--files /data/i2b2/files.toml

Explanation of the command's arguments

medco-loader v1 - Convert existing i2b2 data model
medco-loader v1 [command options] [arguments...]
--group value, -g value UnLynx group definition file
--entryPointIdx value, --entry value Index (relative to the group definition file) of the collective authority server to load the data
--sensitive value, --sen value File containing a list of sensitive concepts
--dbHost value, --dbH value Database hostname
--dbPort value, --dbP value Database port (default: 0)
--dbName value, --dbN value Database name
--dbUser value, --dbU value Database user
--dbPassword value, --dbPw value Database password
--files value, -f value Configuration toml with the path of the all the necessary i2b2 files
--empty, -e Empty patient and visit dimension tables (y/n)

Test that the loading was successful

To check that it is working you can query for:
-> Diagnoses -> Neoplasm -> Benign neoplasm -> Benign neoplasm of breast
You should obtain 2 matching subjects.