Synthetic SPO Data

This page will guide you through loading example synthetic data that follows the SPO (Swiss Personalized Oncology) ontology.

Pre-Requisite: Download test data

Execute the download script to download the test datasets.
cd ${MEDCO_SETUP_DIR}/test/data
bash spo_synthetic

Load the data into MedCo

A script is available to load in a simple way the data. Example of how to use it with a test-local-3nodes deployment running on your localhost, adapt it to your own use-case:
cd ${MEDCO_SETUP_DIR}/scripts
for NODE_NB in 0 1 2; do bash \
../test/data/spo-synthetic/node_${NODE_NB} \
localhost i2b2medcosrv${NODE_NB} \
medcoconnectorsrv${NODE_NB}; \