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Setting Authorizations

This page guide you on how to set authorizations to users through Keycloak.
You will find below the documentation for each authorization available in MedCo. Follow this section to know how to modify those authorizations for your users.


REST API Authorizations

Those authorizations allow the user to interact with API endpoints of the MedCo connector.
The minimum set of authorizations needed for users to use MedCo is the following:
  • medco-network
  • medco-explore
  • medco-genomic-annotations


This covers the calls related to the network metadata: list of nodes, keys, URLs, etc.


This covers the calls related to the building and requesting of explore queries and cohort saving. Note that an additional authorization among the explore query authorizations is needed to be able to make explore queries.


This covers the genomic annotations auto-completion and the querying of genomic variants.


This covers the calls needed for requesting computations of survival curves.

Explore Query Authorizations

Those authorizations set the types of result users will be able to get when making an explore query.
Those authorizations are ordered according to their precedence. This means that if a user has several of them, the authorization with the highest level will be selected.
  1. 1.
    patient_list: exact counts and list of patient identifiers from all sites
  2. 2.
    count_per_site: exact counts from all sites
  3. 3.
    count_per_site_obfuscated: obfuscated counts from all sites
  4. 4.
    count_per_site_shuffled: exact counts from all sites, but without knowing which count came from which site
  5. 5.
    count_per_site_shuffled_obfuscated: obfuscated counts from all sites, but without knowing which count came from which site
  6. 6.
    count_global: exact aggregated global count
  7. 7.
    count_global_obfuscated: obfuscated (at the site level) aggregated global count